Janet's story

Janet tells how her personal experiences led her towards a career in care

Janet's story

I'm relatively new to care. People I've known, my sister for one (who worked in this sector from age 16), had always said to me I should try it. I guess the personal and intimate care put me off, which is a normal reaction from anyone contemplating this career.

One major reason I came to this job was seeing my sister take care of my dad when he was ill. She was absolutely brilliant, she did everything, some things maybe a daughter shouldn't do. I was feebly in the background, maybe a bit of shopping or cleaning. I couldn't handle it. When dad died, I needed to give something back, in my dad's memory, to help others in a way I couldn't for my dad.

Personal care? I've had 4 children! It really isn't anything to be concerned about. That is such a small part of the job. Talking, listening, having someone take your hand and say "Thank you for being here for me". That's what it is all about!

I've been working for Westcountry Home Care for a little over a year, but so wishing I came into caring much earlier. My colleagues are just the best, we support each other in what we do. We make a difference our client's life. Best job ever, I would never do anything else now!

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